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Left Craniotomy and Evacuation of Subdural Hematoma

SKU: C03007

This exhibit features a left craniotomy, hematoma evacuation, and skull reconstruction after a head impalement injury. The procedure begins with a left frontotemporoparietal scalp incision and exposure of the skull. A craniotomy flap is drilled and removed from the skull. A dural incision is opened and the subdural hematoma is evacuated with suction. Dural graft is then sutured in place, closing, and expanding the dura to allow for brain swelling (expansion duraplasty). A Licox PbO2 temperature monitor and camino monitor are inserted through separate stab incisions on the right side of the head. Due to swelling issues, the craniotomy flap is not replaced, and the scalp is sutured closed. Three months later, a separate procedure is performed, securing a skull prosthesis in place with plates and screws.

Custom Price Range: $1,300 - $1,600

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