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Left Tripod Fractures and Surgical Repairs

SKU: C05001

This exhibit depicts the effects of left tripod fractures and surgical repairs. Pre-operatively, the left infraorbital nerve is seen compressed by the maxillary portion of the tripod fracture and scar tissue. A deviated nasal septum is also present. The following procedures were performed on 9/23/08 to correct these conditions: open reduction and fixation of the tripod fracture, neurolysis and endoscopic infraorbital nerve decompression, and a left Caldwell-Luc sinusotomy of the maxillary sinus. Two months later, the left frontozygomatic plate was removed from the healed fracture, and a titanium wire was placed through the frontozygomatic suture line.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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