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SKU: kljakjklj

Base Stock Illustration Fee

    • DownloadDimensionsFormatPrice
    • 1125 x 1500 pxJPEG$
    • 2250 x 3000 pxJPEG$
    *Best for letter sized prints and digital presentations **Best for large Posters

Additional Stock Formats: Prices below are in addition to the stock illustration fee

    • PrintDimensionsFormatPrice
    • print(s) 8.5" x 11"Paper$ Each
    • print(s) 11" x 17"Paper$ Each
    • print(s) 20" x 30"Paper$ Each
    • print(s) 30" x 40"Paper$ Each
    • Mounted Prints (with lamination and edge moulding)
    • print(s) 20" x 30"Gatorfoam$ Each
    • print(s) 30" x 40"Gatorfoam$ Each