Craniotomy and Evacuation of Hematomas - Anatomical Justice

Craniotomy and Evacuation of Hematomas


This exhibit depicts a right frontotemporoparietal craniotomy with hematoma evacuation. The procedure begins with a frontotemporoparietal incision through the scalp, extending a present temporal head wound. Large fracture fragments are removed from the skull to reveal dural lacerations, damaged brain tissue, and an epidural hematoma. The protruding brain tissue is treated with electrocautery, and the epidural hematoma is evacuated with suction. The brain is gently retracted to expose a bleeding cranial floor fracture, which is treated with tamponades, bone wax, and cottonoids. A dural incision is then opened, allowing for subdural hematoma evacuation and cortical electrocautery. Gelfoam soaked in thrombin is applied to the area of brain injury, and the dura is then closed with sutures.

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