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Rhinoplasty to Repair Nasal Defects

SKU: C05005

This exhibit depicts surgical rhinoplasty to repair nasal defects. The procedure begins with trimming of the medial alar cartilages. Fibro-fatty tissues at the tip of the nose are then trimmed, and the dorsal hump was rasped. Nasal cartilages are retracted, cartilage graft is harvested, and criss-cross scoring of the deviated septum is performed for central realignment. The medial alar cartilages are further trimmed, and a cartilage strut graft is placed between them. Bilateral osteotomies of the bony nasal walls are completed for balance. Lastly, conchal strut grafts are harvested from the right ear and placed on the nasal valves for support.

Custom Price Range: $1,300 - $1,600

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