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Customized biological and medical animation offers innumerable dynamic solutions for your presentation challenges. For the smaller budget, 2D animation is ideal in demonstrating surgeries, diagrammatic instructional tools and time related graphics. 3D animation in virtual space is an option for the larger budget, advantageous to mechanism of injury matters, multiple angle viewpoints, spatial concerns and volumetric objects. In collaboration with your medical, engineering or forensic experts and the utilization of the latest digital animation software, Anatomical Justice can chronicle your narrative in an unmistakable fashion. We incorporate traditional animation techniques (anticipation, staging and action-reaction) into our storytelling. These devices communicate your information clearly, eliciting a lasting emotional impact. Your final product can be optimized to your intended output, whether it is broadcast video, web, multimedia, CD or DVD-ROM. Animations are the solution to the intricacy of visualizing motion.

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