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Cervical Interbody Fusion Animation


Produced for a Medical Device Company, this surgical animation depicts a cervical interbody fusion, which utilizes multiple instruments to aid in decompression after a C5-6 disc herniation.

The patient’s cervical spine is exposed at the C5-6 level, and Caspar retractors are placed. A discectomy is performed, and a trial spacer determines the implant size. Endplates are reamed down to bleeding bone. A drill guide is connected to the holder, and the implant is attached to the drill guide. The implant is then placed into a packing block and filled with bone matrix. The construct is then inserted into the rasped C5-6 interspace. Starter holes are made in the vertebral bodies utilizing a flexible bone awl. Appropriately sized screws are chosen from the screw caddy and connected to the adjustable screwdriver. Screws are then inserted into the vertebral bodies, completing the fusion.

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