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Complete Tear of the Distal Biceps Tendon and Surgical Repair

SKU: C17014

The complete tear with retraction of the distal biceps tendon is highlighted through radiological film colorization. Post-operative illustrations show that the distal biceps tendon is reattached to the proximal radius with sutures.

The Biceps Brachii belongs to the muscle group known as flexors. A flexor is a muscle that, when contracted, bends a joint or limb. The origin of the biceps arises from two bony landmarks on the scapula. The long head of the biceps begins from the ‘coracoid process,’ a projection of bone near the glenoid cavity, which is part of the shoulder joint. The short head originates from the glenoid itself, very close to the shoulder joint. The two muscles then converge into a single muscle belly, whose tendon inserts onto the radial tuberosity.

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