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Improper C4-7 Fusion with Surgical Revision and Repair

SKU: C10011

This exhibit depicts the improper fusion of C4-7 with subsequent surgical revision. The partially removed bodies of C5 and C6 compress the spinal canal, and the strut graft between C5 and C7 was improperly placed. A two-level plate was inappropriately used to span three vertebral levels, causing a reversal of cervical lordosis. The top screws were incorrectly situated within the C4-5 disc, resulting in the dislodgment of the plate anteriorly. The hardware ruptured the esophagus, and one of the screws was subsequently ingested. Surgical revision was completed by performing total C5-6 corpectomies, placing the correct sized strut graft, suturing esophageal tears, and securing a three-level plate from C4-7 with screws.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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