Left Biceps Tear with Arthroscopic Tenodesis - No Text

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Left Biceps Tear with Arthroscopic Tenodesis – No Text

This exhibit depicts tearing of the biceps long head tendon with repair through arthroscopic tenodesis. The biceps brachii is a two-headed muscle of the anterior upper arm that flexes and supinates the forearm at the elbow. The tendon of the biceps long head originates from the superior aspect of the glenoid labrum. Tearing of the tendon usually occurs due to trauma (falling on the arm, lifting excessive weight) or progressive degeneration from overuse (sports, repetitive overhead motion). Biceps tenodesis is a procedure in which the origin of the biceps tendon is transferred from the glenoid labrum to the proximal humerus. The biceps tendon is resected from its origin, the torn edges are debrided, and a hole is reamed within the bicipital groove. The tendon is then impacted into the humerus with a tenodesis anchor, repairing the origin.