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Left Ulnar Nerve Transposition and Medial Epicondylectomy

SKU: C12007

Described in this exhibit are the steps of a left ulnar nerve transposition and medial epicondylectomy. The initial incision made over the medial aspect of the left elbow is shown as the first step. Second, the cubital tunnel is divided and fascia is opened over the ulnar nerve. The third step depicts the neurolysis, release and mobilization of the compressed ulnar nerve. Below the fourth and fifth steps are described together. The mass origin of the flexor pronator muscle is released, and a medial epicondylectomy is performed. The last two steps illustrate the ulnar nerve being transposed underneath the flexor pronator mass. The mass is then sutured to the humerus securing the nerve.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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