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Left Upper Extremity Compartment Syndrome and Fasciotomies

SKU: C12008

This exhibit consists of four illustrations describing left upper extremity compartment syndrome and fasciotomies. The post-accident condition details a palmar puncture wound, fireproofing material and a hematoma. The post-operative condition depicts the following: fasciotomy closure, carpal tunnel release, partial synovectomy, removal of fireproofing material, and necrotic tissue debridement. The post-operative condition is also represented on the right with a palmar and dorsal view of the arm and hand. The palmar view illustrates the fasciotomy, blistering on the palm and forearm, as well as cool and purple fingertips. The dorsal view shows three fasciotomies and blistering on the hand.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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