Left Percutaneous Stereotactic Rhizotomy | Medical Illustrations

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Male Left Percutaneous Stereotactic Radiofrequency Rhizotomy


This exhibit depicts a left percutaneous stereotactic radiofrequency rhizotomy to relieve trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia is a neurological disorder that is caused by irritation to one or more branches of the fifth cranial nerve (the trigeminal nerve). This results in intense pain on one side of the face- commonly in the forehead, cheek, jaw, and/or teeth. An electrode introducer is inserted through a small incision in the cheek, advanced through the foramen ovale in the skull, and into the trigeminal ganglion. A low current of electricity is then activated, stimulating the ganglion and trigeminal branches to pinpoint areas of pain. A heated current is then passed through the electrode to destroy portions of the nerve, disrupting the transmission of pain signals to the brain.