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Male Left Perilymphatic Fistulas with Visual – Vestibular Integration Dysfunction – No Text

SKU: S07020

This exhibit depicts multiple injuries to the ear and vestibular system. Visual-vestibular integration dysfunction is a sensory disorder in which the brain cannot properly process and combine information from the visual and vestibular systems. The visual-vestibular system integrates information from the inner ear and eye to provide spatial awareness, balance, and directional concepts. The area of system convergence is the superior colliculus. When damaged, the superior colliculus can no longer incorporate information, leading to deficits such as: the inability to maintain a single image as an object approaches, directional incomprehension, sensitivity to light, and sensitivity to sound. Perilymphatic fistulas (tears) of the round and oval windows can also be seen, causing perilymph to leak into the middle ear cavity.

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