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Male Right Lymph Nodes and Regions of the Neck – No Text

SKU: S09040

This exhibit depicts the six regions of the neck and corresponding lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small, oval shaped organs of the immune system that are distributed throughout the body. They act as small anatomical filters, trapping dead tissues, bacteria, and viruses. The nodes contain lymphocytes and macrophages (types of white blood cells) which circulate through the body continuously. If antigens are present in the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes will release corresponding antibodies to fight infection. Region I contains the submental and sublingual lymph nodes. Regions II, III, and IV contain the superficial and deep cervical lymph nodes. Region V contains the occipital nodes at the base of the skull. Facial lymph nodes include the retroauricular, buccal, and parotid nodes.

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