Meninges of the Brain - Infant - No Text

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Meninges of the Brain – Infant – No Text


This exhibit features a coronal section of an infant brain with an enlarged detail depicting the meninges of the brain. The full coronal section illustrates the normal anatomy of the brain, including: the cerebellum, midbrain, tentorium cerebelli, dural membrane, ventricles, skull, venous sinuses, and cerebrum. The schematic cross section further details the meningeal layers surrounding the brain. Skin, subcutaneous fat, galea aponeurotica, and pericranium cover the outer skull. The inner skull is lined with endocranium and dura mater. The dura mater is a tough, membranous sac that protects the brain. It also contains cerebrospinal fluid and the venous sinuses. Beneath the dura lies the leptomeninges (arachnoid mater and pia mater), which cover the brain, and also contain cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebral arteries travel through the subdural spaces and supply blood to the brain tissues.