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Mini-Open Retractor Surgical Technique Guide

SKU: C87001

Produced for a prominent medical device company, this surgical technique guide properly outlines the steps for a Mini-Open Retractor system during a lumbar pedicle screw fusion. A partial facetectomy, discectomy, TLIF, and pedicle screw insertion operation through a paramedial incision is demonstrated. The retractor is designed to offer a fully featured retractor within a mini-open incision site. It uses a series of interchangeable blades to access the operative site with a minimally invasive technique. A blade removal/insertion tool, as well as an optional table arm and light source, are also depicted.
Keywords: surgical retractor, spinal retractor, lumbar surgery, L4-5 fusion, L4-5 herniated disc, lumbar interbody fusion, pedicle screw fixation, paramedian exposure


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