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MRI Renditions of Dandy-Walker Malformations

SKU: C02019

This exhibit includes sagittal and axial MRI renderings of an infant with Dandy-Walker malformations. Dandy-Walker malformation is a congenital brain defect that affects the cerebellum and the fluid-filled spaces around it. A large occipital meningocele is visible in the sagittal and axial views, in addition to a posterior fossa cyst and ventricular fluid accumulations. Excess fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus) increases intracranial pressure and raises the tentorium cerebelli, encroaching on the cerebrum. There is also maldevelopment of the cerebellar hemispheres and agenesis (developmental failure) of the cerebellar vermis.

Custom Price Range: $1,300 – $1,550

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