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Nasal Sinus Injuries with Subsequent Repair

SKU: C05002

This exhibit depicts the pre-trauma, post-accident, and post-op conditions of the nasal anatomy. Pre-trauma, normal nasal anatomy is seen coronary and anteriorly. Post-accident conditions include anteriorly displaced fractures of the nasal bones, scar tissue at the tip of the nose, and infection with swelling of the nasal turbinates. Additionally, there is a maxillary sinus infection with a mucous retention cyst and infected ethmoid sinuses with polyps. Subsequent repair of the nasal sinuses was achieved through bilateral ethmoid sinus removal and maxillary sinus drainage. The nasal passageways were opened through the in-fracturing of the middle turbinates and out-fracturing of the inferior turbinates. Fracture realignment and scar tissue removal were performed anteriorly.

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