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Penetrating Brain and Ocular Orbito-Frontal Injuries

SKU: C04015

This exhibit details severe injuries to the skull, brain, left eye and optic nerves. The skull displays comminuted fractures to the left orbit with associated brain herniation. The left eye is dislodged downward into the maxillary sinus, with the displaced fracture of the right medial orbital wall severing the right optic nerve. The ocular muscles are torn and macerated, with lacerations to the upper and lower eyelids. The left orbital roof is herniated into the frontal lobe of the brain along with fractures of the frontal sinus. The axial illustration depicts a large hematoma in the left orbit with frontal brain contusions, bilateral optic nerve damage and extensive fracturing.

This exhibit depicts severe injuries to the skull and soft tissue of the head. Both the left and right optic nerves have been severed, the brain has herniated into the left orbit, and there are numerous frontal brain contusions. The orbital walls and sinuses have severe, comminuted, displaced fractures. With a large hematoma in the left orbit, the left eye is displaced downwards into the maxillary sinus.

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