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Proper vs. Improper Phlebotomy Procedure

SKU: C12010

This exhibit compares a proper phlebotomy procedure with an improper one. On the left is an orientation of the anterior arm, which depicts the antecubital vein and median nerve, as well as the cross-section level. The following four illustrations are cross-sections, the first being a normal view of the separate compartments and the correct placement of a phlebotomy needle. To the right is the incorrect placement of the phlebotomy needle. It is placed beside the median cubital vein and into the antecubital fossa, injuring the nerve. Next, a hematoma is illustrated, causing pressure and swelling on the surrounding tissues. The last illustration depicts the compartment syndrome resolved. However, scar tissue causes further pain by surrounding nerves and vascular structures. Two blood clots have also formed, one occluding the brachial vein and the other in the distal biceps muscle.

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