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Proper vs. Improper Plating of the Cervical Spine

SKU: C10015

This exhibit features four illustrations of the cervical spine comparing proper and improper anterior cervical plating. Proper sagittal and lateral conditions show completion of C4-7 discectomies, C5-6 vertebrectomies, and placement of a fibular strut graft from C4-7. An anterior Orion plate is secured to the vertebral bodies of C4 and C7 with screws. Improper sagittal and lateral conditions also include the completion of C4-7 discectomies, C5-6 vertebrectomies, and fibular strut grafting. However, the fibular strut is oversized in length, measuring 52mm. Excessive removal of C7 was performed to accommodate the graft length, leaving minimal bone to anchor the plate. An anterior 72.5mm Orion plate was chosen and secured to C4 superiorly with screws. Inferiorly, the plate was improperly embedded into the C7-T1 disc space.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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