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Right Brachial Plexus Neuroma, Nerve Root Avulsions, and Nerve Graft Repair

SKU: C13005

This exhibit depicts multiple stretch injuries to the brachial plexus with subsequent surgical repairs. Pre-operatively, there is a large C5-6 extraforaminal rupture and neuroma. The nerve roots of C7-T1 are avulsed, and the brachial plexus is entrapped within scar tissue. The surgical process begins by harvesting nerve grafts from the neck and legs. Scar tissue is cleared, the C5-6 neuroma is removed, and C5-T1 nerves are prepared for grafting. First, a bifurcated nerve graft is placed from the cervical plexus motor branch to C5 and the suprascapular nerve. Another bifurcated graft is placed from C5 to the anterior and posterior divisions of the upper trunk. Next, C6 is connected to the anterior and posterior divisions of the upper trunk with a bifurcated graft. Four more grafts are then attached to C6, with two connecting to C7 and two connecting to C8.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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