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Right SLAP Tear Classification

SKU: S14085

This exhibit depicts the interior anatomy of the glenohumeral joint, along with four SLAP tear variations. Anatomical structures include: the acromion process, clavicle, coracoacromial ligament, coracoid process, glenoid cartilage, glenoid labrum, long head of the biceps brachii, supraspinatus, bursa, and scapula. The glenoid labrum is a fibrocartilagenous rim of tissue that provides stability to the shoulder socket and serves as the insertion site for the long head of the biceps brachii. There are four classifications of labral injuries known as SLAP tears. SLAP is an acronym representing "Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior." A SLAP I tear consists of partial tearing and fraying of the superior labrum, without complete detachment from the glenoid rim. SLAP II tears include detachment of the superior labrum and biceps anchor from the bone. A SLAP III tear is a bucket-handle tear of the superior labrum, without detachment or tearing of the biceps tendon. SLAP IV tears are also considered bucket-handle tears, but unlike the SLAP III tears, the tear extends into the biceps tendon.

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