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Surgical Removal of Arthritic Scaphoid Bone

SKU: C19014

This exhibit depicts the surgical excision of an arthritic scaphoid bone to alleviate wrist degeneration. Pre-operatively, the wrist suffers from degenerative joint disease, a fracture of the scaphoid, and arthritis with pain dysfunction syndrome. A longitudinal incision is made over the scaphoid bone. The extensor retinaculum is incised, and the extensor tendons are retracted to expose the wrist joint. The scaphoid segment of the posterior interosseous nerve is cut away, and the scapholunate ligament is incised to open the joint space. The scaphoid bone is removed, along with the scapholunate synovium and surrounding synovial fluids.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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