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Bilateral Sinus Surgery and Septoplasty

SKU: C05007

This exhibit features medical illustrations of the surgical steps performed during sinus surgery and a septoplasty. The pre-op condition shows fractured nasal bones from an anterior view, deviated septum, and chronic sinusitis. First, a left uncinectomy was performed, followed by a wide antrostomy of the maxillary sinus. Next, the frontal recess was opened, and a partial anterior ethmoidectomy was performed. These same steps were then done to the right side. Next, a partial middle turbinate reduction was undertaken. Then a hemitransfixion incision is made to examine the deviated septum, and an open rhinoplasty incision is created. The offending septum is excised, and the septal cartilage pieces are realigned and sutured to a thin, flexible PDS plate. The straightened septum and trimmed PDS plate were reinserted into the nose and sutured to the remaining dorsal septum. The upper lateral cartilages were reattached, and there was a closed reduction of nasal bone fractures. The incisions were closed at the end of the surgery.

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