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C3-7 Posterior Cervical Fusion

SKU: C11006

This exhibit features eight illustrations detailing posterior C3-7 fusion of the cervical spine. The procedure begins with a posterior midline incision over the cervical spine, exposing C3-7. Next, the left facet joints are decorticated, holes are drilled for screws, and a trough is burred through the laminar-facet junction. Left pedicle screws and a rod were placed in the C3-6 lateral masses. The right facets are then decorticated, laminar-facet junction trough burred, and pedicle screws placed in the C3-6 lateral masses. Total laminectomies are performed from C3-6 and bone graft is packed into the right facet joints from C3-7. The right rod is then placed, and bilateral C7 pedicle screws are affixed. Bone graft is packed into the left facet joints, and a cross connector is placed between the rods at C5-6.

Custom Price Range: $1,000 – $1,250

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