Crush Injury to the Right Hand with Surgical Repair - Anatomical Justice

Crush Injury to the Right Hand with Surgical Repair


This exhibit depicts the soft tissue deficits of a crush injury to the right hand with surgical repairs. Pre-operative conditions consist of lacerations to the digital arteries, destruction of the palmar arch, and complete avulsion of the thenar muscles. An end-to-side anastomosis of the ulnar digital artery was performed to restore blood flow in the fourth digit, and the thenar muscles were debrided back to a stable end. The ulnar digital artery of the third finger was also repaired with a 5cm venous graft harvested from the left foot. Scar contracture of the right palm resulted following surgery, with deficiency of soft tissue, and fascial thickening. A partial palmar fasciectomy was performed to correct the contracture, releasing the third digit and right palm. A partial fasciectomy, Z-plasty, and release of the right thumb was also completed. Full thickness skin graft from the right groin was used to repair the skin of the palm.

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