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Open Schapholunate Ligament Reconstruction

SKU: C19018

The surgical steps of an open scapholunate ligament reconstruction are shown in this exhibit. A dorsal incision is made over the wrist, and a tendon graft is harvested from the extensor carpi radialis brevis. Two k-wires are placed in the scaphoid and lunate to move the bones into the proper position. A drill is then used to make two holes in the scaphoid and one in the lunate, which is where the tendon graft will be implanted. The harvested tendon graft is combined with FiberTape, implanted into one scaphoid drill hole, and secured with a suture anchor. Next, the tendon/FiberTape construct is implanted into the lunate and secured with another suture anchor. Finally, the tendon graft/FiberTape construct is implanted and anchored into the remaining scaphoid drill hole.

Custom Price Range: $700 – $950

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