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Right Frontal Craniotomy

SKU: C03017

A right frontal craniotomy is shown in this exhibit through a series of six illustrations. The procedure begins with a bicoronal scalp incision and the removal of small fracture fragments. Larger fragments are then cut away with a drill to create a craniotomy flap. The exposed dura is incised, and the damaged interior frontal sinus mucosa is stripped away. Subdural blood is evacuated with suction, and the frontal sinus is cranialized with Tisseel and Gelfoam. Next, the anterior skull base is packed with a harvested piece of temporalis muscle, and Tisseel is laid over the olfactory nerve roots. The bilateral zygomatic bones are then reinforced with struts, the dural incision is closed, and pericranium is sutured over the cranialized frontal sinus. Next, an intracranial pressure monitor and subdural catheter are inserted through separate stab incisions. Skull reconstruction is then completed with plates and screws.

Custom Price Range: $1,300 - $1,600

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