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Left Craniotomy to Repair CSF Leak and Mastoidectomy

SKU: C07001

This exhibit illustrates a mastoidectomy and craniotomy procedure to repair a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak. First, an incision is made to expose the left temporal bone and the mastoid process of the skull. Next, a mastoidectomy is performed with an operating drill, exposing an encephalocele and tegmen tympani fracture. Cautery is then used to reduce the tegmen fracture and encephalocele. Attention is then turned to the temporal region, and a craniotomy flap is fashioned with drills. The flap is reflected, and the dura is opened laterally with a scalpel. A lumbar drain was placed, and 30ml of CSF was removed to reduce intracranial pressure. Next, the dura is opened, exposing the temporal lobe for dural repair. DuraGen was placed under the temporal lobe along the interior surface of the dural tears. The dura was then closed with sutures, and a second layer of DuraGen was placed over the epidural surface. Lastly, fixation of the craniotomy flap was accomplished with titanium micro-plates, and the tegmen defects were filled with bone cement.

Custom Price Range: $1,300 - $1,600

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